Book Series

Ecosystem Engineer Series

However riotous the natural world may seem to be, there is a pattern that can be found.In Book series

There are many processes that determine where and how plants and animals live. One of them is interactions with other plants and animals. There are many different interactions. Ecosystem engineering is one of them, and is actually ubiquitous.

The series on ecosystem engineers starts with the ebook ‘Game Changers’. It is about organisms which have a beneficial effect on their community or neighbours. The presence of these ecosystem engineers can mean the difference between survival or death for many organisms. It defines how successful many dependent species are in reaching adulthood or raising young.

One of the chapters, describing how a dragonfly uses its predators’ burrow to survive is available as a blog post.

The rest of the series will describe interactions where ecosystem engineers have a negative impact or a mixed outcome for their community.

Game Changers is available at